Friday, June 22, 2012

Pyjama Day

I'm the kind of girl who, on a day off, will sit around in sweat pants all day watching PVR'ed television and reading books. This is my coveted "Pyjama Day". Kevin & I believe it's really important to pass along certain traditions to Wesley and this is one that I feel should be near the top of the list. Yesterday after breakfast we brought books, toys, and blankets to the couch and settled in for a day of lounging. Eat, sleep, play... eat, sleep, play...

I'll wipe my own face, Mommy

 After a week of schlepping the poor kid around running errands and rendez-vous'ing it was nice to have a peaceful day at home "doing nothing". 

Even Shiva participated

I think we'll plan to do this every week!


  1. I love this! So glad you can still have pyjama day and reading day even once you have kids :)

  2. Showed Mattis the site and he likes the little guys PJ and that the puppy should kiss his cousin