Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog

Several friends and family members have suggested over the last couple of years that I start a blog. Although I was flattered that anyone would be interested in my thoughts, I had no idea what I would blog about. Planning my wedding? My pregnancy? Both a little cliche and, honestly, where do you go after the final product? But since our son was born I've started a journal and find I have a hard time keeping the entries short and on point. Turns out I want to talk about my daily life and the things that inspire me. I love reading other "lifestyle" blogs and it seems a good way to pull all my thoughts in to a tidy little basket of reflection & observation. A little daunting but also exciting! So this will be a place where I can share some of my favourite things - be it books, photos, recipes - and experiences. I hope you have fun sharing this journey with me...

Here goes!

1 comment:

  1. SQUEEEEEE! SO excited to read your blog entries!!! This is the best idea ever! :)