Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day

Last year I had to work a night shift on Canada Day and it was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. Trying to navigate through the crowds to get to the hospital was enough to make me choose getting July 1st off over any other holiday. Thankfully, I had a baby and didn't have to work this year.

Wesley's 1st Canada Day

So we decided to go to my sister's house and indulge in a few of our favourite long weekend treats, like:

Wine - Red, White, & Red. Very Patriotic.

Food - Our Mom's veggie lasagna.      

Sweets - Cake made for our American visitors (courtesy of the talented Andrea).

We decided not to stay downtown for the fireworks, instead choosing to be home in time to put Mommy & W to bed so that Dad & Shiva could go to the neighbours' house party. "Did you know your dog can do back-flips?" Haha! Maybe we'll be braver next year. 

Happy 145th Birthday, Canada! Love, The Peters

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