Friday, July 13, 2012

Kelowna Or Bust

This may seem obvious to everyone else but traveling with a 3 month old & a 100lb dog is challenging. I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting from our recent holiday: I knew it was going to be different from vacations-past (no partying or fancy restaurants) but I still believed we could fit in some beach & boat time between W's naps. Hahaha! So naive...

Last week we headed to the coast to visit Kevin's good friend in Kelowna. Landon was super generous to let us stay at his gorgeous house with central air conditioning & a view of Lake Okanagan. I highly recommend having a friend who can offer you both these things. We had three goals in mind for this trip: see Daniel Wesley play at Keloha, get Shiva in the lake, & introduce Wesley to my Grammy. We packed my mom's minivan to the brim with our gear & off we went!

So far, so good!

We drove all the way to Kelowna the first day - our first mistake. We made it to Revelstoke with lots of naps, playing, & pit-stops. Then came the meltdown. Totally our fault, who would expect a little nugget of 3 1/2 months to sit quietly in a carseat for 10+ hours while a big, black dog roasts in the back? Ummm The Peters would. Lesson learned, my friends!

KTown was beautiful & our host made us very comfortable. We spent our first full day of vacation relaxing & cooling off then it was off to Keloha, a music festival in Waterfront Park. 

Daniel Wesley

We did a little research & discovered that the nude beach in Kelowna had been converted in to a dog beach. What better opportunity to get our Lab/Dane swimming? She's waded belly-deep in the North Saskatchewan but refuses to actually paddle. Well, we'll fix that! She was scared of the tide so Daddy had to carry her in to the water.

Our dog is not a swimmer.

Our next stop was Langley to visit my grandma on my mother's side. We made supper at her house & had a really nice visit with my cousin & her kids. Most importantly, Wesley got to meet his Great-Grammy. While we were there, we got to experience spending the night in a hotel room with a now over-tired baby & over-heated, wired-up dog.

W & GG.

We had better luck getting the baby wet.

Deciding to break up the long drive home, we spent another night in Kelowna (thanks LV!) & a night in Golden. We only drove in the mornings while it was still cool-ish & planned lots of rest stops.

Picnic in Hope, BC.

So we never made it to the beach or on the boat but we managed to keep our infant son on his schedule & got to experience some of the most beautiful country through new eyes. We learned a lot about our family & our priorities. Oh, and we crossed all the items off our "to-do" list. A pretty successful adventure, I would say.


  1. I totally empathize about naivete. Our first few trips with Elizabeth were pretty similar - the 3 'to-do's get done, and not much else! :) Our new motto is 'one thing a day' when we go somewhere. If we can get one cool thing done each day, it's a success - we've had way too many experiences where that last activity that gets squished in at the end of the day can cause Meltdownicus Majorum, and kind of ruin the rest of the day.

  2. Also, Matthew saw the web address of your blog and said, "Employment Insurance wonderland? That is a great title for a blog of a stay at home Mum!!" hahaha!!