Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Mother's Garden

Every year around this time my mother calls to ask for help with her garden. Not any real work, I don't need to dig or weed or anything, I just need to take some inventory off her hands. Her house is built on a big pie lot with raised borders, a tree-lined keyhole, custom built planters, and a LARGE vegetable garden. It reminds me of the garden from the Peter Rabbit books.

Tidy rows of peas, carrots, zucchini, beets, potatoes, & tomatoes are mixed with sweet peas & lilies. The ultra-plush lawn feels more like carpet than grass and the trees are all neatly pruned. It's enviable, really. The kind of yard we long to have once Shiva learns to use a toilet.
my beautiful niece picking apples
Mom keeps trying to convince us to build a small vegetable garden in our yard but I find this arrangement to be much more convenient.
the haul

help yourself, Shiva
 Noticeably missing were the peas & apples. When I asked my mom about this she told me they would be arriving in the form of jarred baby food. Yep! We're pretty lucky!


  1. Can I come take some inventory off your mom's hands, too?? ;)

    1. I'm sure! She always seems to be pawning it off on people by mid-September. I will let her know that you're interested.

    2. Yay! No pressure or anything...but if she's looking for homes for those surplus zucchini's...I can give them a good home ;)