Monday, September 24, 2012

Well Read: Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian

Sigh. The cat is out of the bag. I am an avid fan of the Kardashian franchise. I started watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" back in 2009 and now have all the spin-off shows recorded on my PVR. That family is captivating! What, or rather whom, I find most interesting, though, is the force that is Kris Jenner. The woman astounds me! Before I read her memoir I knew a little about her history: one time married to Robert Kardashian, friends with OJ Simpson, currently married to Olympian Bruce Jenner... I wanted to know more about how she built this empire based on her family (who are really not that special on their own).

The book reads the way you would expect it to: a little disorganized and a lot of name-dropping. If you can get past that you can get really hooked. The first half of the book briefly describes her childhood and leads in to the early years of her relationship with Robert Kardashian. About halfway through she details the affair that ended her first marriage and her family's involvement in the OJ Simpson murder trial. THAT was gripping. She rounds the book out with the series of events that led to acquiring her reality show on the E! Network and how she parlayed that in to the multimillion dollar empire that is The Kardashians. Honestly, it's pretty impressive.

This book is definitely not for serious literary scholars. It is pure entertainment and while there isn't a lot of content that I didn't already know, it really made me respect what this woman has achieved so far.

My recommendation? Borrow it from the library or from a friend and don't read it in public. It's definitely a guilty pleasure.


  1. So can I borrow it from you?

    1. Haha! I borrowed it from the library! The hold came in after about 5 minutes though...