Friday, November 9, 2012

Excuses For Not Blogging

When I started this little blog I had every intention of posting at least a couple times a week and have failed miserably to achieve that goal. I am constantly mentally blogging (I have so many good ideas!) but I either forget to take pictures, take pictures & forget to upload them, or get distracted. Wesley and I were both sick with colds in late October which meant that any and all free moments were spent sleeping and not on the computer. Happy to say that we are both healthy once again and with that comes a fresh wave of inspiration - time to put these thoughts to paper! (Figuratively speaking). In the meantime, here are a few random photos from the last month to tide you over.

See you again real soon!

 (thanksgiving, totem pole, blueberries, seven months, skinny jeans, halloween craftiness, cousins, skele-dog, leftovers)

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  1. Ha! I've been thinking about writing a very similar post, Erin! :) I am *constantly* "blogging" in my head too, but then never actually seem to get all those ideas typed out! I keep telling myself 'I'm going to work on this', but then another week goes by and nothing. We should have blogging dates :)

    Great photos!