Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happiness Project: What I Wore This Week

 Last weekend, as I folded laundry, I came to the very sad realization that my wardrobe mainly consists of sweatpants these days. This is sad to me because, while I love to be comfortable in my clothes, I am starting to look slobby and that I can't stand. I always feel so much better when I get dressed for the day, even if it's just something simple. I thought, "that's it!", my first "Happiness Project" resolution: get dressed for the day.

I needed to lay out some ground rules to ensure I would follow through with this plan. Getting dressed for the day, to me, means putting on something non-pyjama-related (ie: no sweats, no Lulus, no actual pyjamas). It also means I have to get dressed before 10 am and can't change back in to sweatpants until after dinner. Then I needed a way to hold myself accountable so that I wouldn't cheat. Inspired by all those OOTD posts on Instagram I decided to post pictures of my outfits on the blog each week. I could never realistically upload photos everyday so it's more of a OsOTW (Outfits of the Week).

{Monday} figured out how to wear a maxi skirt in winter
{Tuesday} geared-up for the election!
{Friday} knee-high socks & leggings
{Saturday} knitted headband
{Sunday} boyfriend jeans

 So you can see that I'm definitely a jeans & tee kind of girl. I also wear a lot of grey. You may also have noticed that there are two days missing in the middle of the week: I did get dressed both days as I had plans with real people from the outside world and needed to look decent but forgot to take pictures. I even got dressed up Friday night for a fancy dinner date but didn't take a picture of that either... Maybe that will be my next HP resolution but for now I need to focus on getting dressed and maybe cleaning up that front room.

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