Friday, December 7, 2012

Candy-Coloured Nails

I am in the middle of a wild love affair with sweet pastel tinted nails - fingers & toes. In my profession we're not allowed to wear nail polish for hygienic reasons and in the early days of motherhood I steered clear of it also as my fingers were often in little W's mouth. In recent months, though, I have bounced from one tasty colour to another, all inspired by some of my favourite treats. Here are a few:

'I Pink I Can' by Sally Hansen
'lilacism' by essie
'office' by American Apparel
'tart deco' by essie

 These colours are playful & subdued, perfect for any season, and the formulas aren't too liquid-y (they go on in one or two thin coats). It's fun changing flavours every week!

{note: all candy images were borrowed from Google Images, the polish pictures are my own}

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