Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happiness Project: Cleaning Schedule

Happy New Year! I recognize that I'm a few days late on the proclamation but the sentiment is sincere all the same. I've taken an unexpected vacation from blogging over the holidays as we have been busy, busy, busy with preparations, celebrations, and recuperation but I am back in the saddle now and looking forward to sharing some things with you.

The beginning of January is always marked with the promise of a fresh start and in that vein there is always a lot of talk of 'New Year's Resolutions'. I'm in the same boat as the other people who swear that this year they are going to eat better, exercise more, and get organized, only to end up falling in to the same old habits and routines two or three weeks in.

2013, though, will be different.

Considering my Happiness Project goal to 'be more organized & less negligent' (mentioned here) I've been focusing on my immediate surroundings, specifically house-cleaning. I love a clean house. I'm the most energized and inspired when my home is dirt-free and tidy. The problem for me is that it never stays that way for very long and I find it difficult to get motivated to clean in the first place. I've never been very good at cleaning as I go - I'm guilty of leaving coffee mugs in the living room or piles of clean clothes in the laundry basket - instead, I procrastinate until I can binge-clean for an entire day (or two). This worked well for me when I worked part-time and had lots of days off but when I started working full-time I found housework hard to stay on-top-of. Now add to the mix a child to take care of and I'm pretty sure I won't have anytime to binge-clean when I go back to my position after maternity leave. The solution? Clean as I go.

I've come up with a cleaning schedule that I think I'll be able to follow now and when I'm working full-time out of the house. I've seen some other examples of cleaning charts on Pinterest, I've simply adapted them to suit my circumstance, resulting in this:

Cleaning Schedule

Make beds
One load of laundry
Sweep floors
Empty dishwasher

Wash dishes & load dishwasher
Wipe counters
Sweep floors
Pick-up clutter

Master Bedroom – change linens, vacuum, dust, clean bathroom (except shower)
Living Room/Foyer – dust, vacuum area rugs, clean main bathroom, clean mirrors
Bonus Room/Stairs – vacuum, dust, tidy desk
Kitchen/Laundry Room – wipe cupboards & appliances, wash floors
Wesley’s/Guest Rooms – vacuum, dust, clean bathroom (except shower)
Clean showers & Swing Day*

*Swing Day
Week 1 – wipe baseboards/walls downstairs
Week 2 – wipe baseboards/walls upstairs
Week 3 – wash slipcovers & area rugs, dust light fixtures
Week 4 – wash windows

I'm going to give this my best effort beginning tomorrow and will modify it as need be. I'm really excited about getting organized and having a perpetually clean house in 2013 - wish me luck!


  1. I love this post. Lindsay I were actually talking about cleaning right after you left the other day. We are both binge-cleaners. I can devote a whole day to cleaning the ENTIRE house, but break it down into tinier (and easier) sections - I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. I think it's because, in my head, if I'm going to bother cleaning one bathroom, I might as well do all of them. So then I do none of them. And my house remains a complete mess except for one day out of the month when I binge clean.

    I need to learn how to clean as I go. Clutter is my worst nightmare and dealing with clutter is in my "resolution" post I'm currently working on. I look forward to seeing how your plan goes and maybe I'll have to adopt a similar one :) Good luck!

  2. This post makes me tired...not tired because it isn't interesting, tired about the thought of doing all this cleaning. But good on you! Breaking it down into smaller pieces definitely makes it seem more manageable and achievable. Keep us posted (literally).


    1. I'd like to tell you that it's less tiring when you're not pregnant but then you have a baby and it's way harder! Thanks for your positive words!