Friday, January 25, 2013

January Blooms

I've found that one of the easiest ways of adding a little life to my home decor is with fresh cut flowers. I love the little pops of colour here and there or the elegance of a neutral bouquet centerpiece. Spring and summer are obviously more suitable seasons for finding flowers, often just a few snips in the garden will fill your home with sweet fragrance, but I find I need that liveliness more so in the colder, darker months of winter.

My favourite flowers are the round, puffy types with small petals: peonies, hydrangea, dahlia. Of course, to buy any of these in a flower store at this time of year is either impossible or expensive so instead I've substituted for more affordable blooms like carnations and chrysanthemums. They come in a variety of colours and are usually pretty cheap. I picked up two small bunches of dark pink carnations and a few stems of mums at the grocery store for $10 this week.

I find fluffier flowers are best arranged in short vases. My favourite container is a globe fishbowl but it requires about two dozen carnations or two full hydrangea stems to fill so instead I chose two Mason jars for my first arrangement.

I trimmed off about half the stem and all the leaves so that the mouth of the vases would be filled with petals only. Carnations are pretty hardy so it's ok if their petals rest against each other and the vase. The petals of the mums are more delicate so I wanted to keep them lifted away from the mouth of the vase. I also liked the look of their green leaves so I opted for a tall, narrow vase.

I decided to use the crisp white chrysanthemums to brighten up a darker corner in our living room.

I arranged the pink carnations on our dining room table and I love how the colour pops against the whites and greys.

The arrangement is small and low enough that it doesn't have to be moved for meals and the Mason jars are informal enough to suit a kitchen space. The carnations should last two weeks if you change the water every 3 or 4 days but the mums will likely peter out after about a week. Still, for $10 it's a pretty cheap investment if it lifts your spirits the way is does mine. 

What are your favourite flowers for your home? 


  1. I agree - what an inexpensive way to add some cheer to your home, especially in these long winter months. What I really want to know though, is where did you ever get those awesome silver candlestick holders?!

    1. They're from Value Village! I bought them for part of our wedding centerpieces.