Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Favourite Candle

A few years ago I bought the best candle. It was Henri Bendel's Biscotti scent which I found at Bath & Body Works, of all places. It was the perfect mix of sweet & spicy and I loved it. In fact, I adored it so much that I wouldn't burn it save for special occasions. It took me over two years to use it and by that time Bath & Body Works had stopped carrying the Henri Bendel line. Naturally, I was devastated. I love candles but I'm pretty particular about scents and, despite great effort, I could not find a candle that compared to that one - until now.

Voluspa's French Bourbon Vanille smells identical to Bendel's Biscotti. The only difference I can tell is that the Voluspa candle is a two-wick candle so the smell is a little stronger. Instead of burning it in the kitchen like I normally would, I keep this candle in the living room so that the scent is a little milder throughout the house.

I love the beautiful container: white on the outside and mercury glass on the inside gives it a sort of vintage look.

This scent is part of Voluspa's Vermeil collection, which is seasonal, so I can only assume it will not stick around forever. This time I'm going to be proactive and stock up on a few of these so that I don't run in to the same trouble I had before. I bought mine at Chapters (the 11oz candle is $24) and they had lots of other fragrances and sizes. For those of you who are interested, the Biscotti candle is available through Henri Bendel New York (online here), but it's more expensive and you have to pay for shipping.

Which candles are you burning? Have you found the Bendels candles anywhere else in the city?


  1. I like fruity or tropical smells usually... My favourite Bath and Body Works scents are Bahama Fizz and Mango Cilantro. :)

    1. Mango Cilantro - that sounds fun! Maybe I'll pick one up for summer parties.

  2. I'm often the same way - saving a favorite candle and drawing out it's life for as long as I can. I'm trying hard not to do that anymore, and instead, enjoy the candle. I picked up the chestnut & vetiver voluspa candle the other week and really like it and I'm also enjoying tiki beach from bath and body works right now. I always try and stock up there at the end of a season when they are blowing out their candles (haha - "blowing out"!)