Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

The last time I made sugar cookies I used Martha Stewart's recipe for both the cookies & the royal icing and it took me three days, two trips to the grocery store, and probably took 6 years off my life. It was so laborious and frustrating I vowed I wouldn't bother with them again. A few months ago, while browsing Pinterest, I came across this recipe from Peppermint Plum for thick, soft sugar cookies that required few ingredients and no refrigerating so I decided to give them a shot.

I want to make them for Wesley's St Patrick's Day birthday party and thought Valentine's Day would be a good chance for a trial run. They turned out great! Soft and tasty, just like the recipe promised. The original recipe uses buttercream frosting but I wanted something a little firmer so that I could stack them so I used this one from All Recipes instead (I substituted almond extract for the vanilla extract). I like that it doesn't use raw egg whites like royal icing does. I decided to decorate them to look like those Conversation Heart candies that are always out this time of year - you know the ones with the silly little messages on them?

 {like this - ha ha!}

I only managed to make them in three colours because my orange turned out more brown than pastel.

It was fun coming up with little sayings to put on each heart, you can get really creative. I found a couple of candies that read "tweet me" - social networking is even taking over our sweets!

These recipes were a lot easier than the first ones I made years ago but they were still a little time-consuming - I suppose that's the nature of rolled cookies that require decorating. Thankfully, my St Patrick's Day cookies only need one colour of frosting. 

I'm excited to set these out at our parties later this week but they're almost too cute to eat! Almost.


  1. yum i love the soft sugar cookies that are frequent this time of the year. and an extra large conversation heart in the form of a sugar cookie sounds like a delicious valentines day treat

  2. Hey Erin, I use this recipe too and have been for years.... so yummy. Question, do you use food coloring liquid or paste? The paste is like night and day compared to the liquid. You get a nicer more vibrant color :)

    1. Hi Jodi!
      I used the paste and the colour was identical to the picture on the box (mixing mauve & buttercup does not make any shade of orange though). I'm glad I found a recipe that is tried & true! Happy Valentine's day!