Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eleven Months

This past weekend we celebrated Wesley's 11 month birthday. Boy, time flies. About a year ago I had a conversation with my sister about the things I planned to accomplish while I was on my maternity leave from work, little projects around the house that I had neglected because I had been "too busy" but would surely be able to finish over the next 12 months. Ha ha ha! I recently found that list and not a single item has been crossed off, not one. I started to feel kind of panicked since I know I'm never going to have more time so I reassessed my list to see what I could tackle over the next few weeks and you know what? I ended up just throwing the whole thing out and starting over.

This is my new list of things I want to do this month:

1. Take Wesley on a lunch date, just the two of us.
2. Print & frame some of my favourite photos of him.
3. Fill out his baby book.
4. Write in his journal everyday, even if it's only one line.

The house stuff can wait. The next month is all about making the most of my time at home with my boy.


(PS - I also want to spend more time loving the dog, we've become quite close as of late and I'm really going to miss her too)

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