Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Favourite Five: Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has those little indulgences that you dabble in every now and again just because they make you happy. No one else seems to understand why you like these things so much, or maybe they do and they're too proud (or ashamed) to admit it. The little things that make you smile despite yourself. These are my top five guiltiest pleasures.

Number 1: Donuts for Breakfast

Most days it's hard to justify eating dessert first thing in the morning but on rare and special occasions I will make an exception for donuts. Not just any old donuts though. I have a particular fancy for the glazed yeast donuts from Safeway. O. M. G. If you've never had them before you must go treat yourself to two right now - one of them won't even make it home before it's gobbled up!

Number 2: The $6 Coffee

I'm usually pretty good about getting my caffeine fix at home or grabbing a cup on the go from a more economical coffee shop but every once in a while I feel the need for a fancy drink with a long, sometimes unpronounceable name. I'm sure everyone has heard that if you stop spending your money on Starbucks that by the end of the year you'll be able to afford a new car but, darn it, sometimes a girl just wants a macchiato.

Number 3: Teen Fiction Novels

This one isn't my fault. I would have never gotten in to these books if my sister hadn't insisted that I read the first three chapters of Twilight when it was so popular. It just escalated from there! Fortunately, I can just borrow these books from the library and return them a week later, easily avoiding the questioning looks your friends give you while they browse your book shelves. I just have to wait in line behind 14 year old girls to get them.

Number 4: Afternoon Naps

{strangely, no one takes my picture when I nap so instead I offer this one of Wesley when he was 2 months old}

It would be easier to justify the occasional cat nap if I wasn't a good sleeper at night or if I didn't have anything better to do. The truth is, though, that I am completely capable of getting a solid 8 hours at night and should probably be cleaning up the growing piles of dishes/laundry/dog hair but I will always choose sleep above all else. That's why it's called a guilty pleasure. The trick is to only partake in this one infrequently enough that no one can claim that you're negligent. Aren't we all more efficient when we're rested?

Number 5: Justin Bieber

This could extend to other bubblegum pop artists because I do like some of their songs (there are a couple by One Direction on my iPod) but I don't actually care that much for Bieber's music. It's awful, really. What I do admire about this guy is how well spoken and charming he is. Have you ever seen him interviewed? He's so sweet and polite! He always smiles! And he's so darn adorable! I really don't understand why people get down on the Biebs, I think he's doing a great job of representing Canadian talent. Plus he pays taxes here so go ahead and make another bazillion dollars, keep supporting our economy!

If I could plan my perfect day it would definitely involve nibbling on a donut while sipping my latte, listening to Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" and reading the newest Lauren Conrad novel - but just thinking of all that makes me a little tired so instead I think I'll just have a little {yawn} lay down.

What is your guilty pleasure? I promise I won't judge.


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  2. have you read the Beautiful Disaster? It's really good!