Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happiness Project: Closet Edit

It's been a while since I've posted about my Happiness Project but I promise I've been hard at work. One of my resolutions was to be more organized. In the first chapter of Gretchen Rubin's book she decides to 'boost her energy' by 'tossing, restoring, and organizing'. Her first project was to clean out her closet. This is something that I can empathize with completely. There is something so therapeutic about a good old fashioned closet purge.

Confession: I'm a reformed shopaholic. You may laugh at this but the truth is I used to buy obscene amounts of expensive clothing. Every time I edited my closet it was to make room for my new purchases which never got me further ahead in the organizing department. A lot of the clothes that I didn't wear anymore (or never wore in the first place) were too expensive to simply give away. The solution only just dawned on me - sell them!

So I recently tackled the task of cleaning out my closet. I combed through and removed anything that was damaged beyond repair and threw it in the trash. I went through again and pulled out everything that I haven't worn in the past two years (I chose two years instead of one because I was pregnant for one of those years). Of that collection, I divided my clothes in to three piles: clothes for storage, clothes to donate, & clothes to sell/consign. I skimmed my closet one last time and removed the duplicates that I wear the least (a person only needs so many grey v-neck tshirts) and added them to my "give aways". What I was left with was a well-edited wardrobe made up only of items that I use consistently. I removed almost half the clothes in my closet - HALF!

I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and calm and I haven't missed those clothes since. Now when I get dressed in the morning I'm not overwhelmed by selection, in fact, I actually feel like I have more options. Getting organized is definitely making me happier.

I've had really good luck selling some of my clothing. I just posted a few more pieces on Kijiji this week and thought some of you might be interested in what I'm offering. Click here to view all the items I have for sale. If there is something you like, contact me through my Kijiji ad and we'll work out a discount for being an Erin In Wonderland follower.

Happy shopping & happy organizing!


  1. Ha! I was desperately searching for a maxi dress before we went to Mexico - I actually thought about asking you but I've never liked to borrow other people's clothes.

    My closet is also due for a comb-through. But sometimes I feel as if I like nothing in my closet so I would be left with, well, nothing!

    I would love to have a tour of your closet next time I'm over *hint hint* ;)

  2. i'm tackling the same project this weekend! i tend to hang onto clothes much longer than i should.