Friday, February 22, 2013

What I Wore This Week, Baby Edition

There are many reasons why I love being the mama to a little boy, among them is the adorable clothing! Now, I also love girls' clothes, in fact I envy a lot of them, but I've always loved how you can dress up a baby boy to look like a real guy. We're at the annoying in-between-sizes phase right now where his 9-12 month stuff is too short but the 12-18 month things are a little baggy. Anyway, it's an opportunity to share some current W photos for those of you who have been asking for them.

What He Wore This Week

{channeling Jay Leno in his 'Canadian tuxedo'}


{chambray shirt - Gap, jeans - Joe Fresh}

{striped onesie - Kate Quinn Organics, cords - Joe Fresh}

{'Mr Mischief' tee - Junkfood, jeans - H&M}

{tshirt - American Apparel, jeans - MEXX}

 {pants - Carters, tee - Apericots, Cardi - Hilfiger, boots - Shop Mod Tots}

Sometimes I dress him like his Daddy, sometimes I dress him like me - the kid does have a lot of skinny jeans...

Where do you buy your little fashionisto's wardrobe?

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  1. Oh my goodness Erin your little boy is seriously the cutest lil guy ever! Brie passed me along to your blog, i am lovin it already :) i missed the giveaway, but i am catching up on your older posts!