Friday, March 8, 2013

Happiness Project: Wine Club

One of my Happiness Project Goals is "to be more social". I love getting together with friends but with busy lives it's sometimes quite challenging to schedule regular rendez-vous. A lot of my girlfriends work shift-work so our calendars don't always coordinate. One afternoon, my good friend Tanis & I came up with the idea of starting a "club", a reason for our group of friends to get together once a month and catch up. The idea appealed to me in that we wouldn't have to try to organize individual dates with each other anymore, there was no hard work! And so Wine Club was born.

The plan is simple: once a month one of us hosts at our home. The hostess provides snacks and everyone else brings a bottle of wine. Whatever wine isn't consumed over the course of the evening is left as a hostess gift. We thought it might be fun to have different themes - so far we've had 'funny names', 'pink', 'French', and 'favourites'.

 {sometimes there are repeats}

 {my favourite time of day}

In addition to getting out and socializing, it gives us the opportunity to try new wines. We've had four meetings already and it's been a great success. It's nice to know that when life is busy and you have no free time in a month Wine Club and girlfriends is a constant.

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