Friday, March 15, 2013

Table For Two

It's been a busy week with not much time for blogging. Wesley's birthday is on Sunday so we've been running errands and party planning like crazy this week (you can expect to see the details on the blog next week).

Last week wasn't any less busy. The whole house was sick with a stomach bug so we spent a lot of time indoors trying to recharge. By Friday we were feeling a little better so Wesley & I ventured out on the lunch date I had planned in this post. I struggled to come up with a child-friendly restaurant that was close to home in case of a meltdown. I ended up deciding on the restaurant where I had my first job so I could get a little dose of nostalgia in too.

We arrived right as the restaurant was opening so we had the whole dining room to ourselves. I liked this because I didn't have to worry about the baby making lots of noise. Fortunately, he was on his best behavior: he just played with his napkin and flirted with the waitresses until our meal arrived.

We shared a tomato pizza (my favourite) and after days of barely eating Wesley devoured two whole pieces himself. While we ate, I reminisced about some of the fun things we got to do together during my year at home with him. Outings and play-dates and days spent reading in our pyjamas will be few and far between from now on but they will just be all the more special.  I also think I'll make our little lunch date a monthly tradition - just Mommy & Wesley.

Which restaurants do you take your kids too? If we're doing this every month pizza is going to get old really fast!

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  1. It seems like he's pretty agreeable I think you could go pretty much anywhere. Our kids are the same and we take them to almost any restaurant.
    I'm not saying it's always the best experience in the world but more often than not it's great. (I'm not shy to leave mid meal if need be.)
    Definitely important that they learn how to be out with us so we can keep doing things we like as well!