Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Gift Wrap

Call me crazy but I love wrapping presents. I find it relaxing and seeing the finished product just makes me smile. I'm not overly meticulous (my corners don't always line up and the tape usually has dog hair stuck in it) but I do like to get creative. This year, in keeping with my Christmas colour scheme of red, white, and brown, I wrapped all our gifts in coordinating paper.

I always keep a few rolls of regular, ol' brown parcel paper from the post office on hand as I find it's the easiest to jazz up and suitable for all occasions. I also picked up a roll of cranberry red paper from Ikea and a patterned red paper from Superstore.

Since my wrapping paper is pretty basic I like to use unique ribbons to dress my parcels. Red, white, and brown twine, leftover lace trim, and some scrap fabric work perfectly in this area. Last year I topped my presents with pine cones as well but there are lots of other clever finishings for gifts (think feathers, sprigs of pine, dried flowers, or small plush toys for young kids).

I'm not a big believer in greeting cards so I usually just make my own little gift tags from craft paper and Washi tape or stamp the recipient's name right on to the wrapping paper. It's cheap and personal and looks pretty crafty too!

Gift bags are, of course, a quick and easy way of wrapping presents. When I receive a gift bag that I like I hold on to it for future use. I also keep generic shopping bags that don't have store names on them to use for gift wrap. The Dollar Store is a great place to buy inexpensive bags and tissue paper too.  

If you wrap your presents early enough they can really add to your holiday decor. Now I can't to unwrap them!

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