Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa Baby

One of the activities from our advent calendar was to visit Santa. We took Wesley to meet Santa at the mall last year and it was a successful trip (ie no tears). The photo was adorable so we decided to make it an annual tradition. I had pretty realistic expectations about this operation, I've seen photos of friends' almost-two-year-olds with Santa and they're not great, so I thought he would probably sit on Santa's lap and maybe he would look at the camera. When we got there we were the third people in line so during our 5 minute wait Wesley would wave and smile at Santa and laugh when Santa waved back. This was great! My expectations grew: maybe we'll get a genuine smile for his photo! Instead, we got this:

This was the best of the options. He didn't cry but he sure wasn't impressed. Oh well, I love it because I think it really captures the moment. (Note: he smiled HUGE when Santa gave him a candy cane - why don't they do that first?).

And because I can't help myself, here is last year's photo:

What a difference a year makes! I have both photos framed next to each other and every time I look at them I smile. Then I see this photo and burst out laughing:

Hahaha! Maybe next year we'll get the perfect Santa photo. 

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