Saturday, April 26, 2014

Airplane Party

We live very near the airport and as a result we see and hear a lot of airplanes in these parts. Wesley's fascination with airplanes is what inspired the theme for his second birthday party. That, along with this adorable airplane costume from one of my favourite blogs Oh Happy Day. Kevin and I were able to create our own little cardboard airplane using left-over diaper boxes, it was surprisingly easier than expected.

I really embraced the cloud & sky part of flying in the invitations and décor. I printed out the invitations on pale blue cardstock and then sponge painted clouds along the top edge and stamped a tiny red biplane among them.

I made a bunch of my favourite tissue paper poms in white and strung them along the ceiling to create clouds.

I printed out some of my favourite photos of Wesley from over the past 12 months and displayed them along the mantel. I loved being able to see how he's grown and changed in a year!

I loved the fonts that I used for the invitation so I used them again for the Happy Birthday and name banners.

We tried to keep on-theme with the food we served as snacks. Peanuts and Bits & Bites were obvious airplane food choices but we also included chicken salad sandwiches and popcorn balls (a nod to the clouds again).

Instead of a cake I decided to make cupcakes - a much easier option for feeding toddlers. I used these baking cups to look like a cloud-speckled sky and made little cupcake toppers using these paper straws and my biplane stamp. They were a hit with the littles!

Finally, as a parting favour I decided to bake sugar cookies again, this time in the shapes of clouds and airplanes.

I wish I had a close up photo of the cookies but I forgot to save a package for us! I did manage to snag this one of Wesley enjoying a cloud post-party:

Wesley's party was a huge success with so many people whom we love able to share in the special day with us. I love dreaming up all the little details and then making them come to life but I could never do it on my own. A big THANKS to all those who came early to help set up and execute my baby's second birthday party, I owe you greatly.

source list:
paper plates, napkins, straws, candles, & baking cups c/o Sweet Social
biplane rubber stamp c/o Dragonfly Buzz's Rubber Stamps
cloud & airplane cookie cutters c/o Sugar Fox Shop

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Decor

As I've mentioned before, I tend to subscribe to the notion that "less is more" when it comes to holiday décor. That being said, my mother always decorated for the holidays and that's something that I want for my child as well. So this year for Easter I made a few easy decorations and dressed-up our mantel.

I started with this bunny bunting from one of my favourite blogs The Sweetest Occasion. I strung it up using garden twine, mini clothes pins and washi tape.

I decided to stick with the colour palette from the bunting of pink, peach, and orange when I bought the paint for my Easter egg canvas. Inspired by Andrea's talents over at Pinksugarland, I taped out an egg shape on a large canvas then painted smudgy stripes to fill it in. Once dry, I just peeled off the tape and voila!

While shopping for my paint & canvas, I grabbed some burlap canvases on sale at Michael's for $7 for a package of three. I Googled "rabbit outlines", printed off a couple I liked, then traced them on to some colour-coordinating paper. After cutting them out, I glued the rabbit silhouettes to the burlap to make some cute bunny art.

With a young child in the house we've collected a warren of plush rabbits. I just filled in the spaces on the mantel with some bunny friends to complete the look.

All in this project cost me about $30 and an hour of my time. I love the little pop of spring in the middle of our living room now!

Wishing you & your family a very happy Easter!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wesley's Teepee

We don't have a designated playroom in our house: with our basement still unfinished there just isn't really a space where Wesley can spread out all his toys. When Kevin and I were trying to decide what we wanted to give Wesley for Christmas this past year we thought a teepee would be something we could build a play area around. I poked around online a bit and found some beautiful play tents and teepees:

I was really excited until I saw the $300 price tag! And that's before shipping! A little discouraged I did some research and found a great webpage with step by step instructions on how to build an actual teepee. We scaled it down to toddler size and in the end it was a pretty simple project. We bought five 7-foot wooden dowlings, a canvas drop sheet, and some garden twine from Home Depot for a much more reasonable price of $46.

I tucked in a faux-sheepskin rug and a couple throw pillows to make it a little cozier. Wesley likes to add some plush friends and books as well.

My hope is that he'll make this his little getaway, create his own space around it. For now I'm happy that he'll sit in there for a few minutes and play on his own!