Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wesley's Teepee

We don't have a designated playroom in our house: with our basement still unfinished there just isn't really a space where Wesley can spread out all his toys. When Kevin and I were trying to decide what we wanted to give Wesley for Christmas this past year we thought a teepee would be something we could build a play area around. I poked around online a bit and found some beautiful play tents and teepees:

I was really excited until I saw the $300 price tag! And that's before shipping! A little discouraged I did some research and found a great webpage with step by step instructions on how to build an actual teepee. We scaled it down to toddler size and in the end it was a pretty simple project. We bought five 7-foot wooden dowlings, a canvas drop sheet, and some garden twine from Home Depot for a much more reasonable price of $46.

I tucked in a faux-sheepskin rug and a couple throw pillows to make it a little cozier. Wesley likes to add some plush friends and books as well.

My hope is that he'll make this his little getaway, create his own space around it. For now I'm happy that he'll sit in there for a few minutes and play on his own!

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